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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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will extra perks for teachers improve the district's schools? details of an incentive program aimed to help the city's lowest performing schools get on the right track to success. fox5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. start with northwest d.c., take a view from our tower cam on wisconsin avenue. it is 7:00 now on friday, november 4th. good morning, thanks for waking up early with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. today is friday, thank goodness. tony perkins joining us with what i think is a pretty perfect weekend, fall-wise. >> you're absolutely right, allison. a nice fall weekend. thank you and good morning. fine conditions across the region this weekend. we have some changes in the forecast, actually, let me correct that. not changes in the forecast but our weather is different today than the last couple of days. there are rain showers down to our south. getting closer as a matter of
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fact. fredericksburg has rain. earlier we said we think they'll get showers and indeed you are getting that shower activity. don't be shocked if parts of southern and eastern maryland get some of this as well. eventually ocean city as well. mainly south and east of the district, certainly of the beltway. most of you won't have rain, but in the regions where you're seeing it on the map, you'll get some and maybe to the east as well. i should mention, some of the rain showers are heavy to our south. current temperatures around the region, 50 degrees in washington and it's dry. 48 baltimore, dry there. dulles airport, 47 degrees. dry throughout the washington area. the immediate washington area. today, morning clouds, giving way to sunshine later on today. highs in the mid- to upper 50s and it will be breezy this afternoon. i'll have more on all of that coming up in a little bit.
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now to julie wright. been a busy rush hour this morning. absolutely. still on the go, or trying to get there on time. it's not easy. 66 where we started off with an accident before the beltway, it's cleared. a crash at 123, also cleared. delays in manassas and centreville. northbound i-95, the wreck down there, 610, has cleared. all lanes open. traveling southbound along 270, about 47, 46 miles per hour. better news in german time, pace is 55 towards montgomery village avenue. accident avenue was tying up the road around ritchie marlboro and brown station road. that's a check of your traffic. it may not be the news the white house has been hoping for. >> new jobs numbers come out
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this morning and economists aren't expecting the unemployment rate to budge. fox's doug luzader is live on capitol hill with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. economists think we're looking at something around 100,000 jobs created in the month of october. that would leave the unemployment rate pretty much stuck at 9.1%. as president obama spends the morning rubbing elbows with world leaders in europe, the goal is to prevent another global financial melt down. >> the most important aspect of our task over the next two days is to resolve the financial crisis in europe. >> reporter: and that crisis in turn could upend u.s. markets, appearing on a shaky path towards recover. it's not enough, at least so far, to have much of an impact on the nation's job shortage. today's unemployment numbers may not change the debate in washington, who is to blame? >> if you look at what's happened since this president took office, you've seen
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unemployment go up by 17%. 2million more unemployed americans today than when he took office. >> reporter: despite massive government spending and stimulus projects, unemployment rate has defied the rosier predictions. monthly growth would have to be in the range of 250,000 to have an impact. heading into a tough re- election year. the president and democrats will have to argue it could have been worse. >> i'll tell you this, if president obama and congressional democrats had not acted, we would be 15% unemployment. again, no consolation to those without a job, but an important point to make. >> reporter: much of this comes down to consumer spending, something economists are watching closely as we head into the christmas shopping season. back to you guys. >> doug, thank you. in greece today the prime
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minister could be out of a job now. parliament is about to vote on a no confidence vote. he dropped plans yesterday to hold a national referendum on a european bailout plan. one of his party members, leaving him -- anyway, leaving him with a slim two vote majority in the 300 seat parliament. at the summit in france, president obama and the other world leaders signed an agreement to stop cross border tax evasion. it's intended to raise tens of billions of jobs for cash strapped governments. herman cain's campaign chief backing off his accusations. the republican candidate's campaign manager now says the man he accused of leaking sexual harassment claims didn't do it. but he is still claiming someone in the rick perry campaign for leaking the claims and even with the allegations,
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cain is topping a new poll. let's get more from sherri ly, live in the newsroom for us. good morning. >> good morning. what is interesting is the sexual harassment allegations don't seem to have hurt cain. in fact, the gop contender has seen a bump in fund raising. cain leads former massachusetts governor mitt romney by 3 points, with 26%, and gingrich at third at 14%. both romney and cain will be in washington today, speaking to a conservative group that's aligned with the tea party. cain is trying to get his campaign back on message after those allegations surfaced he sexually harassed two women during his time at the national restaurant association. he denies harassing anyone, but two more people have come forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior. cain's campaign backed away from those claims that a former aide who now worked for
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governor perry leaked the story. cain is still pointing the finger at perry's campaign. >> the fingerprints are all over the rick perry campaign based upon our sources. we went public. a writer with forbes collected this information. we didn't dig it up. another reporter dug it up. >> a lawyer for one of cain's accusers has asked the association to lift the confidentiality agreement. it is expected to make a decision later today. several high profile republicans are encouraging cain to work to get that agreement lifted. cain says the allegations "will not deter me." allison, back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. mitt romney hopes his new slogan, cut the spending, will help him regain top spot in the holes. last night he told voters he wants to make deep cuts it amtrak, aid to foreign nations
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and federal arts and broadcasting programs. it would slash $500 billion in federal spending his first term. he is scheduled to deliver a more detailed speech today here in washington. a tennessee man under arrest accused of making threats to house majority leader eric cantor's family. authorities say swift left voice messages threatening to destroy him, kill his wife and rape his daughter. no comment from the republican congressman of virginia. swift faces 10 years in prison if convicted. new this morning, a rough start to the morning for commuters on the beltway in montgomery county. the inner loop shut down overnight prior to georgia avenue. police say a vehicle slammed into the back of a tractor- trailer. no word on the identities of those involved. the beltway has since reopened. new details about the
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murders of a maryland mother and her son. police say she was brutally killed inside her home last month because her estranged husband wanted her car and television. her 11-year-old son, william, was found dead in the woods miles from home. the state's attorney says he'll soon be charged in williams' murder. he is being held without bond. the lululemon trial is over, but the fate of norwood is undecided. the presentencing investigation could take six to seven weeks. no mandatory minimum sentence. state's attorney says he'll ask for life without parole. he made his first public comments about the apple employees who heard the attacks through the walls. >> i'm sure this is a difficult thing they'll have to live with for not making that call. people have compared this to
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the situation up in new york many, many years ago. again, i think in natureness to them, i don't think they were imagining they were hearing what we now know was happening. but at the same time, i think a lot of people are left with the question, make the call. >> he noted there is no law requiring people to call 911, even if they suspected a crime is being committed. it's a choice. man charged in a series of arsons in the district is due in court today. he'll appear before a judge. the 26-year-old is charged with setting fires in at least three vacant homes in d.c. in one case, several firefighters were injured, one of them severely. we're going to get an update today on reform efforts at arlington national cemetery.
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a senator chairs a subcommittee that -- and she'll visit the site. still ahead, a town in virginia in the running to be featured in a match making reality show. good news or not? >> could be fun. >> we'll talk about it coming up. plus, on the road at home, the redskins can't seem to anywhere now. they've lost three straight. up next, dave ross will fill us in about sunday's matchup with the 49ers. as we head to break, let's take it outside and look at traffic on 395 by the pentagon. we'll check in with julie wright. tony says we should have a pretty decent weekend. it's all coming up as fox 5 morning news continues.
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making headlines, the pentagon says an american soldier has died in iraq.
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happened when troops were conducting military operations in northern iraq. military not releasing more information at this point. violence has dropped dramatically, but deadly bombings do continue. winter hasn't officially started, but snow days already confirmed for schools in the northeast. education officials worry they might have to shorten school vacations to make up for the days burned by last weekend's snowstorm and hurricane irene. many schools have been closed all week as crews worked to restore power in several states. could be the power outages may be the reason why a multimillionaire has not come forward yet in connecticut. a ticket believed to be sold at a train station in stanford matches all six winning numbers from wednesday's power ball drawing. still no sign of the ticket holder. the winner can claim $254
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million over 29 years or lump sum. problem is, people still don't have power up there. >> may not even know. >> if you bought your ticket -- we heard earlier it maybe standfield connecticut, it's in connecticut. would you not find a way to check that ticket, even if you had no power? >> see, if there's no tv and stuff -- >> that's the only way you can find out the winning number. can't find a computer, newspaper. >> i'm just saying, why wouldn't you come forward? >> he bought it at a train station, maybe he went somewhere else. >> but i think he would know. >> where they have power. >> if i bought my ticket in stanford, connecticut, i'm heading to the first news stand, computer, whatever it was. >> maybe i'm expecting people to rely too much on tv and radio. >> we were talking offcamera,
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there's a reason why his mic isn't on. >> happy for you. >> so am i. saturday night, you know what you have to do. >> go back? >> yep, you fall back. >> we get more sleep? >> yeah. >> okay. >> it's all a joke. >> it's a grand joke. fall back, that's what you do -- oh, oh, oh, and i have to remind you, i failed to do this earlier and i apologize. perfect time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. >> we're going to talk about that later this morning. >> are we? because we do this twice a year. >> how much we're falling back on that clock. >> you'd be going back to 1968. >> graphics from '69, '70? >> we do the best we can. you'll get an extra hour. sunset friday -- sunday at 5:03. 52 in raleigh, north carolina. in the nation's midsection --
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>> can i say good morning to my friends in raleigh? >> yeah. >> good morning. >> are they watching? >> on the internet. >> but a guy in connecticut -- >> they may not have power. >> here's a look at the national map. most active part of the country is to our south. heavy rain in parts of virginia. it's rolling out to sea. a few rain showers to the south -- >> anybody have medicine for us? [everyone talking at once] >> by fridays we've had a enough. >> looks good for the weekend. cool saturday. nice sunday for the game. warming trend next week. >> almost 70, i like that. >> yep. >> thanks. >> thank you. check in with julie wright to see what's going on. >> what happened? >> steve wrapping up as he does. >> julie, i don't know what's happening. >> what happens, they get through talking and they're like, oh, hold up the sign that
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says julie. >> that's what happened. >> you're right. >> telling our secrets. >> i have no sign, so i don't know what to call any of you. outer loop of the beltway, 95 to georgia, 21 minutes. no accidents to report, volume delays. traveling southbound on i-95, leaving 198 to the exit for the outer loop, about 12 minutes coming in out of laurel. follow police direction to get by the crash. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. redskins looking to get back on track this weekend. dave ross here to talk football. >> i'm confused with the train thing. if a guy gets on the train -- >> in the train leaves fairfield with a lottery ticket -- >> i'm with tony on this one. i have not been with john beck so far this year.
7:20 am
we want to be with beck, see what shanahan sees in this guy. >> i do. looks like a quarterback, sounds like a quarterback. >> can't count the dolphins, right? >> still nfl. >> using connecticut logic. >> so far, it's not been so good for beck and company. last week, tough in toronto against buffalo. gave up 10 sacs. when that happens, it's going to be hard to beat anybody. when he had time like here, he was off the mark, okay. pretty good coverage. his rhythm, timing was off. he had the mobility, what we're supposed to see out of number 12. haven't seen it so far. san francisco's defense, doesn't get easier for shanahan and beck to get on the same page and try to figure it out. but that's the task at hand. it's what he has to do.
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when we talk about san francisco, talking about a team that on paper we didn't think was going to be very good coming into the year. they have changed things out west. really, it starts with their head coach. the reason why is his intensity. this guy runs hot all the time. this was after a win in detroit a few weeks back. he kind of gave him the dismissive pat on the back. we had this whole thing. i want to let this tape go for a little bit. because there's another angle. just personifies him. after a win, and as he said afterwards, yeah, i kind of came in hot with the hand shake. it led to this -- i love the intensity this guy brings. he is intense all the time. there it is again. there's the dismissive pat on the back to schwartz. schwartz goes running after him. where did all this start from? at pal o alto high, where he went to high school with our
7:22 am
own dave feldman. here they are. i don't want to give away a year, but number 40 is farball and far right is feldy. we have a tighter shot. there it is. >> fantastic! >> this week they asked harball on a conference call, what was it like going to high school with feldy? he said, is he in the room? no. oh, he is the straw that stirs the drink, he made everything happen. of course he wasn't. >> one guy coaching the team and one guy talking about it. >> exactly. >> how it works out. >> good friends. nice guy. very intense all the time. >> he's a winner. don't forget about what he did at stanford, now one of the top programs in the country. this weekend we don't care.
7:23 am
>> this weekend he's going down! we hope. >> what is going to happen? >> dave said earlier, feldy will take him out saturday night, give him a few drinks -- >> that's our only shot at winning? pretty sad. >> i think they'll win. i've been called crazy before, but i'm picking them to win this week. >> thanks, dave. >> i love those old pictures. >> i do, too. >> those are from 1962. >> 7:23 now. still ahead, a capitol hill dive bar set to reopen. first, pizza, pies, now holly morris is in search for the best burger around town. a tavern is a stop in downtown d.c. we're going to check in with holly a little later. 
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a restoration project bringing state and federal
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officials together today. secretary of interior joining maryland's mayor and d.c.'s mayor in celebrating the completion of more than 13 miles of the walk trail. that trail will eventually connect the district and maryland. also on the agenda, they'll discuss efforts to restore the water sled, which is what you saw there, and improve public access to the river. a bar popular with congressional staffers and journalists is set to reopen in just over half an hour. tune in has been closed since a kitchen fire back in june. the bar opened in 1947 and holds the secondest oldest liquor license in the district following the repeal of prohibition. >> nice to know a bar opens at
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8:00. details of a plan to courage high performing teachers to transfer to underperforming schools. we'll be right back.  aur fgo 
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i'm going have to send you home.
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>> i'm okay with that, actually. >> are you? >> the group intensity sent home from the x-factor last night. they were in tears. a lot of little ones in that group. the first results show where we can all vote as a viewing public. they were in the bottom two. we're happy to report marcus canty, round of applause, of maryland still going strong, still in the running. catch the next x-factor wednesday night at 8:00 here on fox 5. >> are they all elimination shows from here on out now? >> i believe so. >> yeah. i was thinking, are they going to eliminate from across the board. i guess one goes whether they're grownup group -- >> whatever it is. >> i mean, i already see a couple of stars in that show. astro and the girl rachel crow and melissa. >> i'm still not good with all the names. i tell you, and i'm not saying this because i work for the
7:32 am
company, it's a good show. >> well produced show. >> very well produced. it draws you in. very different from "american idol." they have real talent. here's the other thing, in the performance show earlier this week, it's like they're already big stars because of the production. >> i like that. >> it's great. good stuff. >> me, too. >> let's look at hd radar. we have some rain to our south this morning. we're keeping our eyes on it, because it's beginning to infiltrate parts of our viewing area. we knew it would. we said all morning some of our viewers to get south will get this rain, and fredericksburg, i mentioned you earlier, you have rain showers. st.mary's city. a short time ago i said i thought sales bury and ocean city would get this. it's moving in now. some of you will get the rain showers. will remain i believe primarily south and east of the district.
7:33 am
it's pulling away now, but as it pulls away, some of it inches into our area. south and east of washington some rain showers this morning. all of us have the clouds and we'll see gradual clearing as the day progresses. the big picture, it's a big system. a lot of rain with it. there it is. a lot of heavy rain in southeastern portions of virginia, eastern portions of north carolina. you see this system is moving and going to be gradual spin in the atmosphere. that will pull it away. it will take some time for it to move out. for example, i think our skies will be mostly cloudy all morning. temperatures across the region, 50 degrees. stuck there. that's okay. 49 in baltimore. 47 at dulles. 43ocean city. becoming mostly sunny, gradually. breezy at times. showers this morning, south and east of the district. 57degrees for your high. winds pick up to about 25 miles
7:34 am
per hour this afternoon. tonight clearing skies. cold, 36 degrees for your late friday night into saturday morning. five-day forecast, tomorrow, a cool day, but not bad. 55degrees. good amount of sunshine. fall back saturday night into sunday. set your clocks back. sunday sunny, but sunset around 5:00 p.m. monday and tuesday a warming trend begins. we'll be near 70 tuesday. that's not bad. >> i like that. >> that's going to feel pretty good. thanks, tony. let's check in with julie. >> looking pretty good on the beltway. no accidents to report. 66, slow go leaving manassas to the beltway, about 50 minutes now. all lanes are open. outer loop slowing from 95 to georgia avenue. southbound 95, on the brakes leaving laurel to the beltway, about 25 minutes. no incidents reported. southbound 270, better stretch on the top stretch. 370 out of rockville, below
7:35 am
speed headed for the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. a teacher bill is up for debate in the district. it would include bonuses and income tax credits to bring the best teachers to low performing schools in the district. joining us, the president of the washington teachers union. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me ask, how does the union feel about this initiative? >> first of all, any time there's legislation put on the table to increase the quality of teachers available as students in the district of columbia, we're interested in talking about it. this particular piece of legislation looks at wards 5, 7 and 8 and recognizes we're not where we want us to be, our parents and children need us to be. it also recognizes the fact that we have a lot of high quality teachers in the district who might consider making adjustments if there was some incentive and it says we
7:36 am
should talk about it. >> let me speak for the parents in the schools that are doing pretty good. they say, hey, what about our kids? we still need good teachers. how do you answer that? >> i answer it by saying the washington teachers union does not desire to move any teacher who does not desire to move for professional or personal reasons. now, what invariably are parents going to recognize in those communities as well as the high needs communities is we don't have enough high quality teachers and that high quality teachers aren't born, they are developed. the reality is, there's some teachers in the high needs communities doing an excellent job. we have to look at ways to keep them there, to help those teachers who are there who desire to serve that population, do more in terms of professional development and get to the upper echelons of their profession. >> what is being proposed? what about those teachers already there? would they be moved as well in a group of highly effective
7:37 am
teachers move to those schools? what happens to the teachers in those schools? >> well, that's one of the challenges of this new piece of legislation. there will be a tremendous amounts of fingerprints on it before its finished. we're in the opening days of complicated issue in the district of columbia. we want to encourage inter and intra district moving, inside and outside of the district, to deliver high quality services in wards 5, 7 and 8. now, there are some individuals who will stay in place and should stay in place. there are some individuals who we need to provide professional development in order to continue to encourage them to serve that community. >> that leads me to my next question, the piece here that is really rewarding, does seem promising, is that you're not bringing in, not talking about bringing in teachers from say,
7:38 am
mississippi or new york city. it's all teachers here. >> well, at this stage it is. >> okay. >> we don't know what it ultimately will look like. there may be changes and modifications. there are other members of the city council who are interested in this education issue. the reality is, this is a healthy and robust discussion, because it acknowledges that where we are is not where we want to be. i think the chairman should be commended for that. i might say it's really much bigger than just my optic focus on impact or teacher evaluation to you're going to have to consider that, but at the appropriate time. >> let's talk about impact, what's the impact on impact? >> the impact on impact is focus are going to have to acknowledge that sooner or later punitive measures against teachers discourages performance rather than encourage. the whip above the head saying you're going to be fired has
7:39 am
grown old in the district of columbia. folks who are high performers are tired of it. they want to be used as real instruments of change and improvement in education, and not treated as if we are individuals who are not professionals. >> the incentives include a bonus, a tuition assistance, tax credits. enough to make those teachers move? >> well, they can do more. that's one of the things, in my meeting with the chairman i said, this is a start and i'm glad that we're beginning this conversation. but this is not where you ultimately will need to be in order to drive things you want to drive. >> we will be watching this closely. hope you come back and see it as this does progress. >> as always, a pleasure. >> ours as well. nathan saunders, president of the washington teachers union. have good weekend, sir. >> you, too. >> steve? 7:40. a real show could soon be coming to a town in virginia.
7:40 am
we'll explain. also, another weekend of delays on metro. what you need to know, especially if you use the red line. first, here's a look at today's half off deal. 53% off duct cleaning to keep the air in your home clean and prevent dryer fires. eighty-five dollars buys you a $179 value. the offer is from rc duct cleaning. go to, look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page.   
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heads up this weekend, metro is closing five red line stations for major track work. tacoma, silver spring, forest land, wheaten and glenmont stations shutting down from 10:00 tonight until midnight sunday. free shuttle buses will replace some of the trains. single tracking on the orange and blue lines this weekend. are you looking for love? maybe you want to hit the
7:44 am
culpepper. it's one of 40 towns vying to become the setting of a match making reality show. it will feature local officials, business owners and residents age 20 to 60 to try to match up as many singles as possible in a month. it's called "love town u.s.a." and produced by the oprah winfrey network and bbc. residents are being asked to fill out applications. community response will determine who gets the show. >> which means who votes the most for it. >> should be good. why not? right? >> everything else is out there, okay, fine. >> give culpepper some much deserved shine. >> okay. >> love town u.s.a., do we like that name? creativive, love town? okay. >> probably find a better name. it's okay. >> oprah and the bbc. >> that's an odd pairing. >> maybe bbc america? no?
7:45 am
we want to show you we have rain showers to our south this morning. south and east of the district. we continue to see that rain moving through the region. so some of our viewers getting rain showers, some of you are not. if you're from washington to points north and west, not really getting any rain, and up to the northeast you're not getting rain. to the southeast, yes. some of that rain has been heavy in central portions of virginia. the heaviest rain is in extreme southeastern virginia. here's the surface map. today, not a bad day. 55 for your high today. breezy later. lots of clouds around until the afternoon when we get sunshine. going to be a beautiful fall weekend. tomorrow high pressure dominates this weekend, keeps things quiet. 55 tomorrow. more sunny tomorrow than today. that's nice. on sunday, 60 degrees. mostly sunny skies. very pleasant. sunday about 90,000 people heading out to fed ex field for the redskins hosting the san francisco 49ers. should be a fine afternoon for
7:46 am
football. there you go. not a bad one. i'll tell you this, a warming trend for the beginning of next week. the beginning of next week, and i emphasize just the beginning. >> all we need to talk about now. >> now -- >> all we need to talk about. >> won't even say. >> just enjoy it. check in with julie now. >> at this point we take it one day at a time. >> that's right. >> you'll find delays traveling eastbound along 66. as i mentioned, manassas heading inbound, 54 minute commute. tough go. multiple accidents between vienna and beltway cleared. 295 a slow go leaving the beltway heading into southeast. delays traveling along good luck road -- good hope road, between 11th and 17th streets. inner loop from robinson terminal towards 66, no
7:47 am
accidents, just volume delays now, up the west side. lanes open on 395, headed towards the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you, julie. holly has burgers on her mind this morning. >> so do we, thanks to holly. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. do you know 60% of all the sandwiches that are eaten are hamburgers? well, that's why you must know where to find the best burgers in town. we are starting our search this morning at burger, tap and shake in foggy bottom. it is the place to order up. we're going to show you why firsthand, live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. let's say a big good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it's todd mattingly. good morning, todd. todd says he has been posting for a long time, hoping to be fan of the day. today is all about you, todd. if you would like to be monday's fan of the day, post a comment under todd's photo. the best thing is, he gets to
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be fan of the day for several days. i love that. find us on facebook, search fox5 morning news, no space between fox and the number 5. 7:47. we'll be right back. 
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7:51. holly is doing two things. in search of the best hamburger -- >> and? >> and really frustrated. >> she is traveling around town to find out what makes it's burger joint -- the burger joints to unique. how is your research going? >> reporter: this is really tough. it's really wrecking my figure. [ laughing ] we're having a lot of fun and we're wrapping up the week with
7:52 am
hamburgers, because americans eat 13 billion hamburgers a year. if you lined them up, that would circle the earth 32 times in case you were wondering. we are starting the morning at burger, tap&shake. it's a new spot on washington circle and foggy bottom. just opened in september. they've already fired up the grill. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: they are working hard, let me tell you. i hear that this is the place to order a hamburger right now. >> absolutely. we have a program here where we grind all our beef inhouse. we use all natural beef, a combination of two cuts here. our beef brisket and chuck. the chuck obviously has a little bit more fat, so we cut it a little bit to get our specific blend. grind that inhouse fresh daily. we take it and we have our own press machine here. we'll weigh one out here. >> reporter: as you're doing that, a little birdie told me
7:53 am
you were selling so many hamburgers, you had to grind meat three times a day. >> i think it's an ongoing process. >> reporter: he is like, no, no, all day. nonstop. >> nonstop. >> reporter: really? >> yep. >> reporter: that is a perfect patty. >> 6 ounces. i'll hand it to the chef, he'll take care of it from here. >> reporter: you, alfredo, are the master griller, right? >> yeah, basically. >> reporter: you grill first? >> yes, i grill one side, and i finish here. >> reporter: why both of them? why do you need to grill and put it on -- >> for the flavor. charcoal flavor -- >> reporter: and that seals in the juices? >> yep. basically what we do, the cheese and finish here. >> reporter: here is all the toppings. lots of different toppings? >> absolutely. we have our smoked bacon, which is some of the best in the
7:54 am
country here. our sauteed mushrooms, onions, chili con carne with no beans. >> reporter: you pickle your own pickle? >> there's nothing we don't make, we make the buns, ice cream for the shakes. >> reporter: what's the key to your good fries? can't have a hamburger without fries. >> we have a special potato we use, it's a high starch potato. we hand cut those daily. that goes on all day as well, just like the burger meat. it's a long process. we start at 5:00 in the morning, and continues until probably 10:00 at night. >> reporter: what has been the most popular burger so far? >> we have our house burger, six buck chuck. six dollars, comes fully loaded, american cheese, or government cheese. we have our lettuce, tomato, onions and house made pickles, and top it with our house
7:55 am
sauce, a blends of several ingredients, like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, chipotle and barbecue. >> reporter: and you have to get a shake with this? >> absolutely. this is our blueberry pomegranate for you. and we have our adult shakes, but we'll leave that out for you for obvious reasons. >> reporter: oh, kicked up a bit. i'll be back for that after the first of the year. blew berry and pomegranate. oh, that is really good. i guess this is the big moment. i'm not sure how graceful taking a big bite -- look at that juice coming out of that burger! okay, here we go. >> fantastic? >> reporter: oh, my gosh. that is unbelievable. let me make sure the fries go with it. oh, my gosh. do i have to leave here?
7:56 am
>> no, you can stay all day. >> reporter: this is really, really good. listen, obviously they make amazing burgers here. there are other places that make amazing burgers and we asked you to write on our facebook page and give us a couple of ideas. one says traders in chesapeake beach in maryland makes a good burger. and one said fosters grill in manassas virginia. and ryan says black and orange. meanwhile, i'm just saying, take the metro, do whatever you need to in order to get to burger, tap and shake, because it is really, really awesome. allow a little time. usually a line out the door? >> certain times of the day, between 12:00 and 2:00, it's tough. >> reporter: come at an off time, like 8:00 in the morning. coming up, we're moving to our next burger joint. i'll give you a hint. it's good enough for the leader of the free world. see if you can figure that out. meanwhile, i'm going to get another bite in.
7:57 am
back to y'all. >> holly, thank you so much. >> holly has exclusive rights to that place at least until 8:00. coming up, another one-on- one with a republican presidential candidate on fox news sunday at 8:00. we'll talk to chris wallace, we'll give us a preview of who he'll be talking to sunday morning. preventing cancer by starting to move around a little more. that's what new research reveals, after it links 100,000 cancer cases per year to prolonged sitting. yep, just doing nothing. indepth look at the study with a medical expert coming up at 8:30.    
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
herman cain leading the pack, even after accusations of sexual harassment. new poll numbers are out and we have the details next. plus, new and disturbing details about the murder of a montgomery county mother and son. police release what they believe was the suspect -- the motive of the suspected killer. many of us do it for nine
8:01 am
or more hours a day. we're talking about sitting down. there may be bigger problems due to sitting than getting soft around the middle. concerns about an increase in your cancer risk. we'll talk about that coming up. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. i'm alison seymour. this group we're talking to says we sit on average 15.5 hours a day. >> seems like a lot. i guess if you add it up, a lot of people at work, whether you're driving or sitting or working on a computer, however you do it, it adds up. >> it's interesting, because it's not something you would think. >> no. if you think most of us sit eight hours a day when at work. >> right. >> go home, after you're done with dinner, watch tv, sit down. who knows? >> i get up and go to the weather wall. >> sometimes you go outside. >> yeah, sometimes. >> we're going to have you do that more to make sure you're getting that exercise. >> we're going to start with vipir. some precipitation as we've
8:02 am
been saying and as expected. south and east of the district now. start to see a little bit more of that movement away from here. that's good. we have rain showers in parts of our viewing area, including fredericksburg, saint mary city, ocean city. washington, nothing going on, but showers are localized to the south and east. across the region now, 50 degrees in washington. 49 in baltimore. dulles at 47 degrees. winchester 45. naval air station at 49. day planner today, morning clouds. that will gradually give way to mostly sunny this afternoon. highs in the mid-50s. cooler. will be breezy. winds could get up to 20, 25 miles per hour this afternoon. more on the forecast coming up in a little bit. let's check in with julie wright with a look at traffic.
8:03 am
>> i want you guys to know there were people that wanted to know where you guys were last night. >> that is easy, julie. >> you can hang. we cannot go out to a show and come in at 2:30 in the morning and do the news. >> unless julie wanted to give us tickets. >> anything is possible. just sleep on the floor. on the roads, inbound, crash at first sterling, not clear. delays leaving alabama avenue heading up to what was the accident scene. good news, all lanes are open. southbound 270, better than what it has been this week. we have delays middle brook road to montrose road. 22minute commute now. average speed past 370, about 21 miles per hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. herman cain's campaign chief reversing his accusation, now backing off his statement that a rival campaign aide
8:04 am
leaked sexual harassment claims. >> despite the harassment allegations, the candidate is still leading in the latest rasmussen poll. we get more from sherri ly. >> cain comes to d.c. today to speak to a conservative group. the sexual harassment claims don't seem to have hurt him. he has a lead in polls and boost in fund raising. the poll was taken wednesday, a couple of days after the allegations first surfaced. cain leads mitt romney 26 to 23%, with newt gingrich at 14%. cain denies harassing two women during his time with the national restaurant association. reports have also surfaced from two more people accusing cain of inappropriate behavior. his campaign blamed the story on a former aide that now works for governor rick perry. the gop contender has backed off, but still blames his rival's campaign, and a lawyer
8:05 am
for one of the women is calling on the restaurant association to lift a confidentiality agreement. >> she had nothing to do with this becoming public and is anxious for it to go away. >> it's time to move off of this story that we've been embroiled in this week and get on with the campaign. >> the national restaurant association is expected to decide later today whether one of cain's accusers can talk publicly. the controversy has overshadowed what was supposed to be cain's d.c. introduction in his presidential campaign. now it's struggling to get back on message. that's the latest here in the newsroom. allison, back to you. >> thank you so much. today is president obama's day in the lime light at the g- 20 summit in france. the president is planning to take lessons from the international press in a couple of hours and will later record a join interview with france's president. world leaders are wrapping up the summit tonight after
8:06 am
intense discussions about greece and europe's debt crisis. steve? less than 30 minutes away from a much anticipated jobs report. the october jobs report comes out at 8:30, and most stock markets around the world are rallying on expectations that unemployment will at least not increase. likely to stay at 9.1%. two good unemployment reports in the last couple of days. economists expect this morning's report will show the economy added about 100,000 jobs last month. we'll get those numbers at 8:30. to the other big story we're following this friday morning. new details about the murders of a maryland mother and her son. police say she was brutally killed inside her home last month because her estranged husband, curtis lopez, wanted her car and television. her 11-year-old son, william, was found dead in the woods miles from home. lopez is charged in her death
8:07 am
and the state's attorney says he'll soon be charged in william's murder. he was ex tra dated from north carolina wednesday is held without bond. update on the murder of a howard university sophomore. police arrested two more men in connection with the killing. 18-year-old michael jordan and 21-year-old lorenzo carlton. another man was arrested and all three face murder charges. a d.c. man has been arrested in georgia for the murder of bob mcmealy was shot to death october 20th. 18-year-old fabian johnson awaiting extradition from georgia to face murder charges. lululemon murder trial is over, but the fate of norwood is undecided. the sentence investigation could take about six to seven
8:08 am
weeks. there's no mandatory minimum sentence for norwood. the judge can give her what he thinks she deserves. state's attorney mccarthy says he'll ask for life without parole. he made his first public comments about the apple employees that heard the attacks through the wall, but never called police. >> i'm sure this is a difficult thing they'll have to live with for not making that call. again, i think in fairness to them, i don't think they were imagining they were hearing what we now know what was happening. but at the same time, i think a lot of people are left with the question, make the call. >> mccarthy noted there isn't a law requiring people to call 911, even if they suspect a crime is being committed. it still remains a choice. it's now coming up on nine
8:09 am
minutes past the hour on this friday morning. we've been talking a lot about republican presidential hopeful herman cain lately. of course there are several other candidates in the running. we'll talk to chris wallace about his one-on-one with ron paul. if you ride metro, get ready for unfamiliar signs. the station names you're used to could be changing. it's 9 minutes after 8:00 now.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
as kings street old town. navy yard becomes navy yard fall park. waterfront just waterfront. new york avenue, florida avenue, changes to noma galludet. noma is north of mass, noma. >> tony says i've lived here all my life, and that's a first. >> noma, north of mass. >> we'll get used to it eventually. plans announced for the reopening of the national cathedral. had problems during the earthquake.
8:14 am
the november 12th ceremony will be the cathedral's first event since the earthquake in august. there you go. better news for the national cathedral. >> i kind of like noma. >> tony, have you heard of that before? >> no, i have not. here's the thing, who has? the other name, you knew what it was. >> how do you think you'll know what new stuff is unless you introduce it? >> maybe he's thinking -- >> change. change comes slowly to us. >> but noma is kind of like picking up on what they do in new york with the -- >> museums. >> all the different names they shorten now. we don't need to do what new york does. >> that's for sure. do you know what we do need to do now? >> cuteness factor. >> queue it up. >> nora. >> nora hazel. that is not a name you hear
8:15 am
very much anymore. that is a good combination. adorable. i love black and white photography. the caption says she hates her new bow. >> she's trying to get it off. she's so adorable, you don't need to stinking bow. >> this is one of those baby faces, if you look hard enough, i can tell what she will look like 15 years from now. >> is that right? >> yeah, i really can. she's a pretty, pretty little girl. >> know she's going to be a knockout, that's for sure. >> thank you for sending the picture in. if you don't want the bow, take it off. now let's take a look what's going on out there. we start with hd radar. because, hey, the rain, we told you, it's pulling out now. it was raining in fredericksburg. pulls away. saint mary city, pulling away from you as well. this will be a continuing trend
8:16 am
during the morning hours. some of you to the south and east have some rain, southern maryland, but it's pulling away. will take longer for the clouds to move out of the region. but that will happen, too. temperatures look like this, we've gone up a degree. 51degrees in washington. these aren't bad. 53 annapolis. 50 baltimore. 52 quantico. 48 dulles airport. 49 martinsburg. we expect our winds to pick up later this morning. now only at around 9 miles per hour. this afternoon they could gust up to 20 or 25 miles per hour. five-day forecast, today your high in the mid- to upper 50s. cloudy this morning. but increasing sunshine as the day progresses. cold tonight. cool tomorrow. but sunny and 55. sunday, mild. 60 and sunny. monday and tuesday, warming trend. mid- to upper 60s. near 70 on tuesday. there you go. that's a look at the weather.
8:17 am
tucker barnes takes over in a few moments. now let's go to julie wright and see if there's improvement in the roadways. been a tough morning. it has. unfortunately, another accident to report for you. checking near m street for the accident. this happens to be the camera shot of k street at the freeway. traffic slow getting through the lights. accident reported along the white hurst freeway at m street. delays there. 95 past new hampshire avenue, towards georgia avenue, lanes are open. 66has been a tough commute. lingering delays. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. controversy surrounding herman cain continues to grow, but is it hurting his campaign? the rest of the republican pack is trying to get their message
8:18 am
out over the cain media frenzy. chris wallace joining us. how are you? >> great. how are you? >> fantastic. let's talk about your guests coming up on this sunday, as you continue your one-on-one series with the gop hopefuls. if you look back over the last couple of months, two people have pretty much stayed steady. mitt romney has stayed pretty steady near the top, and ron paul has stayed pretty steady. not necessarily at the top. but no big spikes up or down. >> ten, 12% report. we are going to be talking to him on sunday. it's so interesting, because four years ago, i have to say we treated him as kind of a fringe candidate. i think he was. this time the debate has moved so far in his direction, with the tea party on issues like limiting the size of government, limiting spending and taxes, regulation, that he's become a much more important player. i still think it will be hard for him to win the nomination. but he's a big player, and he's
8:19 am
had an influence over the debate. we'll also be talking about herman cain. we don't know the details or truths of the allegations against him. i think the one thing this week has shown, though, is cain and his campaign have handled this badly. the fact that he has changed his story. first he remembered -- or didn't remember things, then he did. first he was charging the perry campaign, then as people backed off that yesterday. they've taken a story that was going to be an embarrassment, but it's day five and we're still talking about it. that's kind of a case study of how not to handle an embarrassment, some would say a scandal in washington. >> still in the latest polls through yesterday has him about 25% of the votes, still ahead of romney. what is it about herman cain that has him maintaining the momentum? >> i think the case he's not a
8:20 am
politician. i think people are willing to cut cain some slack because he is a businessman. he is a nonpolitician. and so people are willing to say, maybe he's not as good as playing the game, and maybe that's okay. maybe that's good. you're right, the latest poll he's still the front runner for the nomination. i got to think, though, this is doing him some damage, and you may not see it right away, but to the degree that people are looking and conservatives and republicans desperately want to defeat barack obama, i think they wonder is cain the man to do that. >> want to mention your power player of the week. you have done your share of moderating debates over the years. this guy has to be the dean of debating when it comes to presidential debates. >> he is. jim lehrer of the pbs news hour. he is the dean.
8:21 am
35 debates since nixon/kennedy in 1960, he has done 11 of them. he has a new book out called "tense city characterization. on air he seems so warm and unflappable and relaxed. wait until you hear the stories behind those presidential debates and why he calls it "tension city." >> can't wait. see you sunday morning. >> thank you. >> chris, fox news sunday, 9:00 after fox 5 morning news at 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. join us for both. sounds great. >> still ahead, this hour the u.s. under attack. but no guns used, no bombs involved. we'll talk about what the attack is about next. holly continues her hunt for area favorite foods. this week it's been pizzas, pies. now she's looking for the best burger. where she'll turn up next. you'll find that out after the break. g grands! biscuits in the morning
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
is easy. just pop 'em in... then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ in the rhythm of my weekday flow ♪ ♪ something new -- ooo! ♪ just what i want ♪ prepared for me and ready to go ♪ ♪ taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury egg scrambles. ♪ a brand new morning there are no guns, no bomb, but the u.s. is still under attack. >> intelligence officials say computer attacks by foreign governments on the u.s. are on the rise. we get more details on who is involved from mary ann
8:25 am
rafferty. >> what i see is an economic problem. >> reporter: national counterintelligence director says it is a threat to u.s. economic security. >> nations of china and russia, through their intelligence services and corporations are attacking our research and don't. >> reporter: a new report says those cyber attacks have swallowed up high amounts of u.s. technology and development data. it's estimated as much as $50 billion has been lost due to cyber attacks and other counterfeit and trademark crimes. >> if we build their economies on our information, i don't think that's right. >> reporter: an example was the breach of google's networks in january of 2010. a spokesman for the state department says the u.s. and china have had talks about property protection. >> we also have a very active
8:26 am
bilateral conversation with china on international property protections, et cetera, and that is something we've worked on together for many years. >> reporter: bryant says the situation needs to be resolved. >> we want to be worried and careful, but we also want there to be an awareness and frankly, drive that towards solutions where we work together to bring this to really some type, bring it under control. >> reporter: officials have not offered many details about the chinese or russian cyber attacks. they also didn't say how many were government sponsored. 8:26 now on this friday morning. a lot of us may sit around a lot. the time we spend sitting down can be more than 10 hours a day. >> now, new research shows all that sitting may increase your risk for some cancer. what you need to know coming up next. 8:26now on a friday morning.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:29 now. let's look at some of the stories making headlines this morning. winter hasn't officially started yet, but snow days are already a concern for schools in the northeast. education officials worry they might have to shorten school vacations to make up for the days burned already by last weekend's snowstorm and hurricane irene. many schools have been closed all week as crews work to restore power to homes and businesses in several states. the fate of michael jackson's doctor now in the hands of a jury. deliberations beginning this morning. prosecutors told the jury dr. murray was reckless and no right minded doctor would ever giver propofol in somebody's bedroom. the defense argued it was jackson who gave himself the fatele dose. how is your apple iphone doing? >> i haven't had a problem. a lot of people have. >> they have. apple says they have the fix for the battery problem on the phone. the company will roll out a
8:31 am
software upgrade in a few weeks to fix that problem. some have been able increase battery life by limiting notifications and turning off a feature that automatically adjusts to new time zones. >> speaking of new time zones -- >> change the clocks this weekend? >> you got it. >> i've bought into it, and i try to think of it as an hour more sleep. >> definitely. for that one night a year, i hope you enjoy it. >> then it switches back. >> fall back. sunset, this is the hard part, sunset sunday, 5:03. >> right. that's the bad part. >> then a lot of people go to work and it's dark, and come home and it's dark. it's that time of year. extra hour of snooze time, saturday night into sunday. sunset, 5:03 p.m. again on sunday. we're going to be shortening the days the next month and a half or so. reagan national on the cool side, cloud cover out there
8:32 am
going to hold temperatures down this morning. dealing with sun later today. 51 now in washington. 50 in baltimore. check out the 40s, dulles at 48. win chester, 46. highs in the mid-60s yesterday, cooler today. cooler temperatures and a stiff breeze out of the north later this afternoon. i don't have a lot to show you. had shower activity up towards fredericksburg about an hour ago. it's fading quickly off to the south and east. as our storm system gets dragged out to sea, we should be in for improving forecast later. more sunshine building in this afternoon. again, will be on the cool side. wind picking up. wondering about the weekend, should be perfect around here saturday and sunday. bright sunshine both days and a warming trend. tomorrow, in the 50s. by sunday, highs back into the low 60s. five-day forecast, 57 this afternoon. breezy conditions. winds gusting out of the north
8:33 am
at about 25. cool tomorrow, warmer sunday. down right warm monday and tuesday. maybe indian summer around here. flirting with 70 tuesday afternoon. that will be nice. that's the forecast. allison, i'm going to turn it over to you and find out how bad it is to sit all day. sitting at a desk all day and sitting in traffic might lead to bigger problems than just getting soft around the middle. new research says it may also increase your chances of developing certain types of cancer. joining us this morning with the latest research is alice bender with the american institute for cancer research. nutrition education manager with the organization. good morning. >> good morning. >> i was joking with tucker, because he's always out there running, getting his exercise in. honestly, a lot of us aren't. >> that's right. we tend to be sedentary. >> it's true. >> it's great if people can get their 30 minutes of exercise
8:34 am
in. that lowers their risk for cancer. new research is showing being seddentary separately increases our risk for cancer. >> 100,000 cancer cases per year due to sitting. people sit 15 hours a day? >> probably closer to nine to 10. most people are up and about a little bit during the day. >> right. you found the cancers were breast and colon cancer. why would that add to the risk of those cancers? >> there are certain cancer risk indicators that researchers look at when they look at what increases cancer risks, things like sex hormone levels, body fatness, those are connected to those cancers. as we sit, those indicators go up. >> that would enable those types of cancers? >> yes. >> very interesting. how do we fight this? a lot of us sit eight hours in
8:35 am
our jobs. when we get home. what do we need to be doing? how can we sneak in the physical activity we need? >> the great news is you don't have to get up and do 30 minutes all the time. >> okay. >> if you can take breaks of one to two minutes at least every hour, that helps. thinking about make time and break time for cancer prevention. making time is trying to get that 30 minutes every day, which is very important. but break time is to get up every 30 minutes, every 60 minutes, take a break, get a drink of water, do a few stretches. >> we can work it in? >> that's right. >> would it be okay to show those tips again? i want to go over some of those. alice spoke to some. this is the big problem, the computers now, the video games. you say step away from computer hours. walk with coworkers, instead of e-mailing. exercise with light weights at your desk. nothing wrong with that. get up and do stretches, leg
8:36 am
lifts at work. ask for exercise equipment if your office break room. or get together and buy some and put something in there, right? >> that's right. >> as a group. >> absolutely. >> all these little things will help. have you found it truly does perhaps decrease some of these cancers if we do that, or does this lead to a healthy lifestyle over all? >> leads to a healthy lifestyle overall. exercise decreases the cancer indicators, and if we can take those breaks, we'll have fewer of those cancer risks. >> the end of the day, if you can imagine we're sitting, somehow that enables the cancer cells to grow? >> well, it creates an environment. >> they can be more active. >> right. >> very interesting. the tips are really good. i think things everybody can use. get moving. >> that's right. >> at the end of the day, no easy fix, get moving. >> stand up. >> alice bender with the
8:37 am
american institute for cancer research, truly eye opening research. very good. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> steve, over to you. fda approves the first artificial heart valve implanted without surgery. they approved the valve for patients not eligible for open heart surgery. designed to replace a valve damaged by calcium deposits. inserted through a thigh artery and move it to where it's needed. october jobs report released moments ago. we'll look at the numbers and see if unemployment is shrinking or growing. that's coming up after the break.     
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
there is good news on the economy. the u.s. added 80,000 jobs in october. enough to bring the u.s. unemployment rate down from 9.1% to an even 9%. the 80,000 jobs added was the fewest amounts in three months and below september's revised total. on the positive side, the government revised the august and september by 102,000 jobs. if you're looking for work, check out our job shop. it's on
8:41 am
today's job of the day, benefits administrator with arlington public school. this job requires thorough knowledge of state and federal law relating to benefits programs and expert knowledge of employment laws. a college degree and human resources background is required. to see more, head to and click on the job shop. groupon starts trading publicly today. the ipo, $20 a share. earlier this week, they said the target range would be between 16 and $18. they'll trade on the nasdaq under the ticker grpn. several other online companies have gone public this year. most have done well in their first days of trading. tougher when it comes to longer term performance. that's been mixed so far. daylight saving time ending this weekend. that means changing your clock and something else you should be doing.
8:42 am
details coming up next. plus, pizza, pies, now burgers. holly, good morning. >> reporter: we're having a lot of fun this morning. i want my burger. that's why this place is so special. maybe that's why the president came here as well. we are live this morning. it is indeed a destination spot. why everything here tastes so great, when fox 5 morning news continues.   
8:43 am
8:44 am
[ man ] '53 corvette. i loved that car. [ man ] it's my new malibu. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado -- third one.
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[ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years, chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪ 8:45 now. daylight saving time ends this weekend. we all need to turn our clocks back an hour. it's also a traditional time to change the batteries in smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarms. prince george's fire chief joins us. good morning. how are you? >> good morning, how are you? >> how important to link these
8:46 am
together, battery change and time change? >> extremely important. about 900 lives could be saved every year had they had a working smoke alarm. >> it seems like a simple thing for folks to do this. a lot of folks don't think of it, don't have the financial means to do it. but there are programs in place to help. talk about what folks can do in prince george's county. >> out of sight, out of mind is what happens. in prince george's county, any resident can call 301-864-safe and a community fire station will deliver a smoke alarm free of charge and install it for them. carbon monoxide, also we'll install those. >> not just come and pick one up, you'll send somebody out to do that for them. doesn't seem like it would get easier than that. unfortunate, as you see i'm far too often, when you find out about fires, especially tragic ones, there are those times i'm
8:47 am
sure you still see that folks didn't have detectors. >> right. about-- in fact, 43% of the fatalities in the united states, they had a smoke alarm, but it didn't work. changing the batteries are more important. not just about getting it out there, it's about maintaining it. >> for those of you in the industry of preserving safety like you do, part of the message is not just keeping people safe, but getting that awareness out there as well. do you take advantage of getting this message out throughout the year, in addition to now when we change the clocks? >> absolutely. we have a program called safety first, it's part of our program for public education. area fire departments throughout the region have similar programs and they have smoke alarm programs that residents can call. 301-864-safe in prince george's county. >> we'll link that to our web site. we talk about changing the batteries when we change the clock, is there a life span for
8:48 am
a smoke detector, when you should get a new one? >> about 10-year life span. if it's 10 years or older, replace it. it's not worth the risk. the detectors do wear down in time. it's something that about 10 years they need to replace. >> chief, we appreciate it. hope you keep everybody safe. good luck. enjoy the weekend, time change, and hope to talk to you again soon. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. that number is 301-864-safe. they send a firefighter to your house and install it for you. >> perfect. and you'll be safe. love that. all morning long holly has been featuring some of the best hamburger joints in the area. >> she is in arlington, where there are some presidential doings happening. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you mean the customer in chief that came in here? that's quite a client to come in and order up a burger. obviously that was a big deal that day. and they are indeed a big deal. as a result, a lot of people
8:49 am
come to check out the hamburgers at ray's hell burger. michael is the guy in charge. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: how many notice did you have the president was coming? >> absolutely none. >> reporter: so business as usual? >> until two minutes before he arrived and it was a surprise. >> reporter: how surprised were you? >> didn't have time to be nervous. >> reporter: that's good. >> he just came in, waited in line with everyone else. we didn't notice he was here, until he hit the ordering station. >> reporter: were you like, that guy looks a lot like the president. it can't be. oh, wait, it is. >> and he said, stop calling me shirley. >> reporter: everybody is a jokester in the hamburger business. we want to see why these are so good. >> you're seeing the process. one thing we do that's special,
8:50 am
we work only with whole muscle cuts, steak cuts and roast cuts. you're seeing a whole chuck roast here that we're trimming down and getting ready for the grinder. that's blended with our steak trimmings from our restaurant up the road. sirloin, filet mignon are enriching our blend, which we think makes the best burger possible. everything is hand trimmed and ground fresh daily, several times throughout the day. very labor intensive process. we hand form the patties. no machine involved whatsoever. very low tech. >> reporter: they're very big. >> this is our 10-ounce burger. that's the original hell burger. if you notice one thing, as he's weighing out and hand forming the patties, we -- if you're doing this at home, be very, very careful. what we do is we form the
8:51 am
patties as loose as possible to have them just barely hold together. then give them a tiny squeeze extra to make sure they really do hold. here's a real pro tip, even cooking for home. once you have formed your patty, give it a dimple in the middle. rather than puffing up, it still stays a little bit more even throughout. >> reporter: that's a good tip. >> it cooks a little bit more evenly all the way through. >> reporter: you said even though people do this at home, i was reading about hamburgers, 72% of those eaten by people are consumed outside the home. >> it's a good thing. you don't have anything at home that -- hopefully you don't have anything inside your home that's going to get hot enough to cook the burger the way it's supposed to. >> reporter: we have less than a minute. >> perfect. >> reporter: you're making me the burger the president
8:52 am
ordered? >> it's the burger the president ordered. vermont cheddar. we have a custom made roll from some hippies up in vermont. >> reporter: hippies make the best rolls. >> we toast with a little bit of butter to give it a nice protective layer. we go right ahead and the freshly toasted roll with fresh vegetables. the burger coming off the grill. >> reporter: look at that. >> with the melted vermont cheddar. we use two slices, not one. >> reporter: if you used one, i was walking out. >> one gets nice and melted from the heat of the burger. the second one stays a little bit less than melted until the actual continuing heat of the burger melts it. >> reporter: as you slice that up, i'm going to tell you some of the other places people have written on our facebook that says they have great burgers. several people say they really
8:53 am
like chi burger chi burger. ryan loves the mini burgers at the eat bar. jerry's carryout has a good burger. glenda says the mac and cheeseburger at glory days is one to try. i'm going to try the presidential burger. he asked for gray poupon. but yours are so good, i'm not asking for that. >> that's not even right. that's why we have paper towel rolls on the table. >> reporter: mmmm! >> instead of napkins. because a napkin's not going to cut it. >> reporter: i took too big of a bite. >> maybe. it's a big burger. only way to do it. >> reporter: this has been a lot of fun. if you're in the arlington area, you too, should come have
8:54 am
a presidential experience at ray's hell burger. too much fun. coming up, our last stop of the morning, and my hint is, the initials say it all. >> i think i like that. >> reporter: you think you know? >> i also think if you want to do us a favor, holly, you'll book fitness segments on monday. >> reporter: i think i'm going to have to buy bigger fitness clothes first, and then do the segment monday. >> looks delicious. thank you, holly. thanks to everybody who has been helping us out this week. the public finally gets a say in the x-factor voting. coming up, how our local guy is doing, and next hour we'll hear from the judges and the group that got the boot last night. also, dave ross will join us again for our friday football forecast. do the skins have hope at home against the 49ers? time now, 8:54 on a friday morning. 51degrees. we'll be right back.   
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i'm going to have to send you home. >> after a pretty good run, they were sent home from the x- factor last night. of course, tears first come. it was the first results show for the x-factor. intensity was in the bottom two with the stereo hogs. our local contestant, marcus, is still in the running. made it through the first round of eliminations. catch the next x-factor wednesday night at 8:00 right here on fox 5. almost 9:00 on this friday morning. tony is back to join allison to take us up until 10:00. have a great weekend, guys. you, too, steve. here's a looking at stories
8:59 am
we're following for the 9:00 hour. teachers getting amazing incentives to go work at lower performing schools also in the district. sounds like a good idea, right? well, not everyone agrees. we'll look at the back and forth coming up. plus, call it the name game for metro stops. the transit agency making changes to popular station names and it's causing a stir this morning. sherri ly is up with the details. i'm answering this week's ask allison question. is it okay to invite several old flames to your party? >> several? >> like four of them. so you're having, like a party, and here they are. here are the ladies. okay. i'm going to share my thoughts on that later. >> it depends what you want to get out of the party. >> whoa! now that's a party. all right. let's move on now. here is tucker barnes. >> please help me. >> allison, i want to get involved in that qst


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